Create a new temporary email address

To be edited on this side it is an existing possible new temporary email an address to be put on or. When putting on the part of the address before the namespace can be defined. When editing has one sees the possibility the current address to deactivate manually to change the combination logic of the rules between AND and OR and put on or edit individual rules. In the table in the lower half all rules presently put on are indicated to the address. By click at the name arrives one to the respective side on which one these adjust can. In the selection box over it the still addable rules emerge. One wants to put on a Number Rule for example (it existed still none vorrausgesetzt) selects one simply the Number Rule in the selection box and clicks afterwards on to put on. Now can, on the following page, which attitudes of the new Number Rule are made. Further more rules also existing cannot any longer are desired by click on the respective to delete Button right apart from the rule from the configuration to be removed.

In the expert mode as many as desired temporary email addresses can be put on by hand. In addition only the name of the temporary address must be defined. This is settled can receipt rules be specified.

Create new temporary email address

Abbildung 8. Create new temporary email address

  1. Enter into the name input field a name for the new email address.

  2. Click on adding around the new temporary address to put on.

Edit temporary email address

Abbildung 9. Edit temporary email address

  1. The name indicates, which email address straight is worked on.

  2. Click on the switching surface activate and/or deactivate around this address to activate and/or deactivate.

  3. Specify whether the rules are linked along AND and/or OR. In the case of a linkage along AND all rules must apply thereby the email are passed on. In the case of a linkage along OR only one rule must apply thereby the email is passed on.

  4. Select in the list field a rule, which they would put on gladly. Click afterwards on put on around a new rule to provide.

    The rules put firmly who, when, how many Emails and from whom receive may.

  5. Click on delete around the selected rule to delete.

    If you click on the names of the rule, them passed on to a new side and here to be able to do it the rule to edit.