On this side the necessary attitudes of application are carried out. As the first would be there the material email. Led to this address all Emails by the adjusted rules to be passed on to be able. The default COUNT indicates the standard number of Number Rule. Will a new Number Rule is put on this number as preset value taken over however for each individual number Rule to be changed can. Further more still the language of the Web interface can be stopped if the automatic recognition of the Browser attitudes a wrong result to supply or application on different systems with different attitudes under the same language is to be made accessible.

Even if the goal of this project is among other things the simple handling: completely without attitudes it does not go. On the attitude side the most necessary data for the service can be entered.

That is on the one hand the preferential language of the user, those on the Web surface is used and on the other hand the number of standards of the Emails, which are accepted with the recreation of a new temporary receiver address.

Personal Settings

Abbildung 7. Personal Settings

  1. To this email address all Emails could be passed on passed on. NOTE: Up to now it is only permitted to use an address of the HdM of email server. All other email addresses are suppressed by the service.

  2. This number defines the number of standards of the Number Rule. Temporary email addresses automatically put on are put on with this number of Emails which can be received.

  3. If email arrives to an unknown address with this email additive (name area) with the email server, it can again be put on by the server. The number of Emails, which can be sent to this address, depends on the number in the field over it (standard). Since over this method also inadvertently new addresses can be put on, is recommended, to switch off this function.

  4. Here you can stop the preferential language of the Web surface.

  5. Click the memory switching surface, after you entered your desired namespace and the maximum number of desired Emails, in order to secure the data.

  6. Click on breaking off around the procedure to break off.