On this summary page all temporary email put on addresses are indicated. In the basic mode only the at present active addresses are indicated. In the Extended mode will be changed in the lower half also at present inactive addresses indicated. The Icons before the addresses indicates the respective rules to the temporary address. By click at one this Icons arrives one directly at the side on which one the respective rule edit can. Further more the Icons indicates the status of the Rules. If the Icon is green, it´s all OK. With yellow color the rule runs off in the near future. With red color this already ran off.

Red Timerule Icon

Abbildung 3. Red Timerule Icon

The summary page gives an overview of all temp email put on addresses. Distinctive between active and inactive addresses. As active addresses those addresses are specified, which have those rules yet did not run off. Is called run off for example on the basis a TimeRule: the current date is either before the starting DATE or after the final DATE. Or with the NumberRule: were already received more Emails than the rule permits.

Overview page

Abbildung 4. Overview page

  1. This list contains all active temporary email addresses. Emails which to these addresses are sent and let through by the respective rules, become received.

  2. This list contains all inactive temporary email addresses. These addresses were deactivated or their rules were run off either manually.

  3. With one click on to hide can the list of the temporary addresses hidden, i.e. are folded up. By one click on will indicate the list of the temporary addresses again indicated.

  4. This Domain Rule permits the receiving of the following Domains {0} and/or the receiving of this Domains prevents {1}.

  5. This time Rule ran off since {0}.

  6. Note: this time Rule runs soon starting from to {0}.

  7. This time Rule runs off {0}.

  8. The maximum number of this Number Rule is reached.

  9. The maximum number of this Number Rule is almost reached. {0} Emails can be still received.

  10. Still further {0} Emails with this Number Rule can be received.

  11. With the adjusted alias rule all Emails will arrive received those in this address. This rule serves only as alias for the material address.

  12. Operate this Button, if you want to delete this temporary email unwiederruflich from your opinion. NOTE: No second temporary email with this name can be put on in the future!!!