For the Spamfoodie application a Login is necessary, in order to make a user administration possible (and/or keeping the different users apart). This is made by a Login mask as follows: enter username, password and send. For students of the HDM the HDM identification code and the pertinent password are to be indicated.

With the input of the user name and/or password an error arose. Please examine the inputs and try it again.

Thank you for your attendance with Spamfoodie. A beautiful day still and until soon.

Spamfoodie Login Page

Abbildung 1. Spamfoodie Login Page

  1. On the log in side the user can announce itself at the Spamfoodie application.

  2. Enter your previously registered Spamfoodie user name into the input field.

  3. Enter your HdM password into the password input field.

  4. Click to the Login Button, after you entered your user data, in order to log on.