The offerer offers the possibility for the definition of temporary E-Mail addresses, which admitted with only the user, to personal E-Mail address is connected. In this way one can use such an temporary address for example for the License key forwarding of a software test position in place of the own E-Mail address and in this way avoid the later forwarding of advertising garbage.

While surfing in the internet one encounters frequently web services, which requires registration. Among other things an email address is usually required, to which a registration password is sent. Often the data are obviously not treated here as confidential. After short time the email p.o. box with newsletters of the service or advertising garbage is filled. Actually the user wanted to join nevertheless only a free forum, in order to ask a question. Now he pays the calculation to release its p.o. box from this annoyance to. Configuring spam filters of the emailprovider or the email program seems no end to take.

A further solution than these endless rule definitions exists in the possibility of assigning temporary email addresses. The actual address remains here in the background and should not not be passed on. The Emails are receiver alias sent at one, which must be translated by a Web service into the „correct“ address, before it is passed on to these. Rules can be specified for each address, which determine whether this email may be accepted, or not. At first sight it appears, as if we did not win anything. Define again rules. The advantage consists however of it that all emails, which are dispatched due to only one registration (it is from the web page operator or from third, to which the address was passed on), only by deactivating this address becomes filtered. The handling is very simple and uncomplicated thereby.

In the following chapters the application Spamfoodie services is described. The Web surface and its attitude possibilities stand in the foreground.

Here closer explanations stand to the input modes on the left side.

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