All users from are obliged to pay attention with the use of the existing offers to an entire observance of the Netiquette as well as the ruling national and international legislation. The operator reserves himself to react by offence against this regulation with all compulsory means. This encloses a temporary or also boundless ban of utilisation of parts or all provided services and in the repetition case or extreme case the introduction of juridical steps expressly.

The operator from takes over no responsibility for the completeness and/or correctness of the published offers / information and possible disadvantages or damages of every kind which originate from their use or non-use. Likewise no responsibility for defects is taken over in software and hardware and from it the resultant losses which originate from Internet programs used within the scope of the on-line offer.

There is expressly no general right of use the achievements offered here. The decision to the approval of a registration to the use is left basically to the operator. The operator expressly reserves himself the right to exclude certain users also without information from reasons of the use afterwards.

The operator expressly reserves himself the right to change achievements also without information of reasons.

The operator takes over no guarantee for information and data of third. This counts in particular to the completeness, correctness, freedom of right third or the conformity with legal regulations or other obliging rules.

The operator takes over no guarantee for the serviceability of the systems provided by him. In particular no guarantee for the transmission, the entire transmission and/or the first-in first-out transmission is taken over from information, data, eMails and other news. A guarantee for überlassene software is taken over just as little.

The operator is not obliged to maintain existing information, data and services, not to interrupt or to change. However, the operator will try to inform the users over here on time in case of the dismissal or suspension of an electronic service before.

The liability of the operator is limited in cases of the intentional and roughly careless damage causing by his legal representatives and leading employees. Further claims, indifferently for which legal argument, are excluded.

It is incumbent upon the user to store away immediately to him of other users or the operator to transmitted information, data and other news. A liability for an overrun which has his cause in the non-fulfilment of this obligation is excluded, in any case.

With the use of our service you recognise these conditions without reservation.