Domain Rule

On the attitude side of the Domain Rule the appropriate Domain can be defined after to be filtered is. It can be decided whether exclusively from the respective rule will receive is or whether all Emails of the certain Domain to be rejected to be supposed. If one would like to filter after several Domains, one must put on also several Domain Rules.

The Domain rule permits to filter it the Emails which can be received after their sender Domains. For example it is possible only enamel of a certain Domain to received or turned around all Emails except those those from the defined Domain comes.

Domain Rule

Abbildung 13. Domain Rule

  1. Indicate here whether Emails of the Domain specified down are to be accepted or refused.

  2. Give to the input field Domain the Domainnamen, from that you Emails accept and/or. to refuse want. Around correct filtering to make possible also the Toplevel Domain must be indicated. Example: instead of google and/or instead of mail

  3. Click on adding, to add and/or save around the again provided Domain rule.

  4. Click on breaking off around the procedure to break off.